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A note from Beth

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Thanks for your interest in my writing. I’m delighted you stopped by!

I’ve been a journalist for nearly 25 years, covering hard news, human interest stories, and everything in between. My great fondness, though, is writing stories about everyday life–appreciating its sometimes-subtle lessons, learning to lighten up about the little things, and finding sanity in a world that sometimes seems to have gone insane.

After writing hundreds of stories, one thing that remains consistent from subject to subject is our desire to relate to others. We all want to know we’re accepted as we are, warts and all, and that others can relate to our own experiences. If I can provide that feeling of connection—by entertaining, challenging, inspiring, or empowering my readers, I believe I’ve done my job.

Again, thank you for stopping by.

Beth Underwood



Beth Underwood is an award-winning journalist whose stories have appeared in newspapers, magazines and online news outlets throughout the United States. She has interviewed an extensive and diverse group of men and women, including military generals, actors and entertainers, politicians, business owners and others. In addition to news stories and columns, she also headed up research and writing for the University of Kentucky Basketball Museum.

Creative arts have always been a driving force for Beth. Active in music and drama throughout her school years, she played several instruments including piano, and was cast in the lead role of Alice in You Can’t Take it with You. Her first post-secondary degree was in Architecture Technology. She worked for that field for more than a decade before pursuing her degree in journalism.

Throughout her career, she’s developed strong working relationships with the communities in which she has worked. Among her accolades, her news and column writing has received numerous awards in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Florida.

Currently in partnership with Joel Kessel, she helps authors and entrepreneurs gain publicity for their book, service, product or cause through the creation of press kits. For more information on how a press kit can benefit you, visit Your Press Kit. In addition to this and other upcoming projects, She writes a weekly blog that takes a humorous and often irreverent approach to everyday living. Her column also is featured each week at KYForward.com

Her publications include:

Gravity (2015)
The narrative nonfiction account of a Tennessee Army National Guard unit’s bitter combat experience in Iraq’s Triangle of Death.

Talk Bourbon to Me (2016)
A light-hearted look at the bourbon industry, and Kentucky’s favorite spirit.

Where you can find Beth:
Twitter and Instagram @bethunderwoodhq
• LinkedIn (linkedin.com/in/bethunderwoodhq)
• Facebook (facebook.com/bethunderwoodhq)


1. What inspired you to write for a living?
2. Where do you get your ideas for blog posts and books?
3. Members of your family often appear in your writing. How do they feel about their lives being so public?
4. Do you have a favorite location or time of day for writing?
5. What genres do you write?
6. What genres do you enjoy reading?
7. Who is your favorite author?
8. What advice would you offer someone who wants to become a writer?